Kinder Scout Walk

Kinder Scout Walk from the A57 just east of the Snake Inn

Summary of this Kinder Scout walk: Ascend Fairbrook to Fairbrook Naze, over to Kinder Gates and back down the Snake Path. Alternatively just turn right at Fairbrook Naze and follow the peaty path past the rocky outcrops to join the Snake Path.

A good Kinder Scout circuit is to park just east of the Snake Inn and follow Fairbrook to the top, where you reach the path around the edge of Kinder plateau. Parking is available on the A57 Snake Pass is just before you reach the Inn when travelling away from Sheffield.

Image: Kinder Scout, the top of Fairbrook Naze

Snow starting to fall as we reached the summit of Kinder Scout

The start of the path is on the opposite side of the road, probably a little downhill from where you park. Cross a stile and though a woodland, down to a bridge over a small river. Turn right to follow the beautiful path up Fairbrook. This starts as a valley and opens onto the moorland.

Personally, it is my favourite route up Kinder Scout and for that reason I have used it many times more than the other routes onto the Kinder Scout plateau. It is much more secluded than the William Clough approach, Jacobs Ladder and any of the Edale paths.

This Kinder Scout walk  winds its way delightfully up alongside the nick of Fairbrook and joins the summit of Kinder Scout at Fairbrook Naze, a jumble of rocks through which the small stream of Fairbrook tumbles.

At the head of Fairbrook, either turn right and follow the peaty path along the edge of the plateau to find the Snake path for your descent or for a longer round, take a compass bearing of south and walk for about half a mile to reach the twin gritstone outcrops known as Kinder Gates. This used to be a challenge in navigation across featureless moorland with the usual peat hags but a path is now developing as more people follow this logical and worthwhile route. At Kinder Gates, follow the Kinder river to the Kinder downfall (absolutely magical after snow or heavy frost). Continue round the edge of the plateau with fabulous views, leaving it (steeply) to descend via the Snake path.

Watch the navigation in the woods if it is getting dark, on one occasion, we ended up walking a fair way back along the road after missing the path back to our starting point. Oops!

The Snake Path by Kinder Scout

Coming down the Snake Path from Kinder Scout