Froggatt Edge, Padley Gorge and Longshaws Estate

Froggatt and Curbar Edges, Longshaw Estate and Padley Gorge

Summary: A long circuit through Hay Wood, along the top of Froggatt and Curbar Edges, back along White Edge, through Longshaw and back down Padley Gorge.

Park at Padley station, it can be quite popular at times but don’t despair if you can’t get parked there, an alternative start to the walk is above Hay Wood. There is on-road parking in bays near the Grouse Inn, a little on the bend above the entrance to the Froggatt Edge track and a car park right at the top of Hay Wood. The latter is renowned for attracting the low-life of Sheffield so make sure that you don’t leave valuables in the car.

Anyway, I will assume that you have managed to park at or near Padley Station. From Padley Station, head up the steps by the old station building (now a cafe), cross the road and up Tegness Road. Find the path up through Hay Wood which is tucked away on the left between two of the houses and is easy to miss. This delightful path winds its way up through the old woodland and you arrive, all too soon in my opinion, at a car park. This is the alternative start to the walk from the public car park I mentioned above. From the southern end of this car park above Hay Wood, drop down a short steep path (care needed in winter or wet weather, steep and slippery), cross the brook and climb back up to the busy A625. Turn right (NW) and pick up the Froggatt Edge path (through gated stile at the side of a gate) which is on the opposite side of the road. WARNING: Traffic here is normally travelling fairly fast.

The view over Calver from Curbar Edge

The view over Calver from Curbar Edge

Follow this through the birch woodlands passing the Stoke Flat stone circle on the left just as you exit the woods. The high ground you see over the moorland to your left is White Edge and the return path. Follow the wide sandy track above Froggatt Edge and then, after a rise, above Curbar Edge, enjoying the extensive views of the Peak District landscape the whole way along this high vantage point. On a dry day there are plenty of climbers to watch.

At the end of Curbar Edge, pass through the gate and bear left through the Curbar Gap car park (another possible alternative start point but parking here is a complete nightmare unless you arrive early as it gets really busy) and on to White Edge. Follow this to its end, cross the road junction into the Longshaws Estate. Go past the Lodge. Cross the road to take the path that leads to the top of Padley Gorge, where in the summer months you will usually find a couple of ice cream vans and about a million people picnicing. Follow this back downstream, on a delightful and marginally quieter path through the woods (slippery in places in the wet and in the winter) chuckling at the townies who are inappropriately clad and struggling!! This takes you back to Padley station. Maybe even treat yourself to a chip butty in the caff to round off an excellent day!

Walkers on Curbar Edge

A perfect winter's day on Curbar Edge

Disclaimer (probably not necessary but just in case) – please make sure that your party has the necessary skills, equipment and fitness before setting off into the hills. The weather can change very quickly in the Derbyshire hills so be prepared.