Magicians in Derby

Children’s Magicians in Derby

Magicians in Derby are one of the most popular of all types of children’s entertainer. Ask any youngster, even cynical teenagers, and you will find that they are enthralled by the tricks. Even when they know it is just sleight of hand. A well executed magic trick has the audience intrigued. Younger children will believe that it really is magic whilst the older ones will appreciate the skill and be curious to find out how it has been done. But they will have to join the Magic Circle for themselves because magicians in Derby are unlikely to reveal their secrets!

List of Magicians in Derby

Stuart Brown

Alex Michael

Duncan William

But why choose a magician in Derby for your child’s special party?

Magic has always beguiled the young so the youngsters will go home from the party with a real buzz. A magic session can be easily tailored to suit the age and attention span of a group, it is not like having a single activity that may last too long to keep interest. Most magicians in Derby offer extra services like party games, party games with prizes and face painting to add even more interest to your child’s special day.